We are open at Our new location across from Love’s truck stop in Willow Springs, Missouri

We provide fleet maintenance, new and used tire repair, shop and road service for different types of trucks and semi trailers. Let us be your full service shop and garage, located in Willow Springs, Missouri, just 15 miles north of West Plains.

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We are 99% Owner-Operator based looking for experienced Owner Operators to join our team.

Looking for Owner Operators.


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McIntosh Trucking

2021 Scholarship Winner

Congratulations to Logan Crane!

We would like to congratulate Logan Crane who was awarded the first McIntosh Trucking, LLC, Scholarship Award.

Logan is eighteen years old and a senior at Willow Springs High School. He is the son of Lisa Bryan and Shannon Crane.

This scholarship is a monetary award for technical college tuition and benefits local high school students interested in the practical arts.

McIntosh Trucking Wins Highest Safety Award From Great West Casualty.

McIntosh Trucking was presented with the highest safety award  by Great West Casualty for their persistent dedication to the safety of their drivers and the community.

Chelsea and Jake accepted this award for McIntosh Trucking that came from Great West Casualty. Mike Bohon presented the award. He is the Risk Consultant for Cline Wood. It took all of the  McIntosh Team to make this happen!



We offer various solutions to handle your trucking and transportation needs. We provide the best equipment and get your product  where it needs to go in a safe and timely manner.


In addition to providing transportation solutions, we service and repair trucks at our fully-staffed garage.


We are a family-owned and operated business. We take great pride in our work and in our drivers.

What Our DRIVERs Say

When we leased on to McIntosh, we had $7 in our bank account and felt like we were never going to dig ourselves out of the hole the previous company left us in. Within 4 weeks we saw daylight (and lots of it) and were able to finally breathe again. Within 3 months of being with McIntosh, we were able to rebuild our motor and buy a brand new flatbed. We have now been with McIntosh going on 2 years and are living the life we’ve never been able to live before. I’m home on the weekends, every weekend. Steve and Amy, along with the rest of the McIntosh crew have become family to us, and they are the best company I’ve been leased to in my 19 years of owning a truck.

Jess & Missy Feuerborn

I have worked for a few trucking companies in my 25 years as a truck driver, but none that tops McIntoshing Trucking, LLC. Not only are they a very friendly, close-knit, family-oriented team to work with, but they also work at a high level of integrity. My wife works as my office manager, and she is continually telling me how easy everyone is to get along with, and she considers herself to be a member of the McIntosh Team. More importantly, I have never seen a company where the employees come together to help a team member in need the way McIntosh Trucking does. I am extremely happy and blessed to be a member of this team and desire to work out the remainder of my career with the McIntosh Family.

Kerry & Claudia White

I have been with McIntosh Trucking for almost a year and it’s been a good year.  Very family oriented and always there to help.  From everyone in the office and the garage are very good people hands down.  Me and my family are very grateful for the McIntosh Trucking family.

Derrick Ortiz

Before signing on with McIntosh, my family and I were drowning. We were about to lose everything because of the position the previous companies had left us in. Within a few weeks with McIntosh Trucking we were able to breathe! Everyone from the office personnel, payroll, safety, dispatch, garage mechanics, to the owners themselves; they all treat you like a human being. Like your voice is actually heard and it matters! You need anything, there’s always someone there willing to help. They take to time to listen, they are always willing to go above and beyond to meet the needs of their drivers! I personally cannot thank them enough for the difference they have made in our life in just a short time! Highly recommended!

Matthew & Teresa Harris

McIntosh Trucking

We are here for all your transportation needs. 

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