My family and I really appreciate the opertunity that Mcintosh has offered us.This is the best company that I have worked  for.I have been  looking for a good company for seven years and now I can say I’m home.The people here are grate to work with.The garage does grate work and doesn’t rob me blind.I am just blessed to to be part of this team. Thank you Mcintosh.

Jeffrey Lundry

“McIntosh Trucking has been a real blessing for my family and me. When I hired on, I was new to the owner operator world. They accepted me, gave me guidance when I needed it, and held me to the same standards as the rest. Most importantly, they are great at helping me be the most important thing in life, and that’s a dad! Such humbling people to work for and I’m very grateful. ”

—Timothy Brawley

“Working for McIntosh Trucking is the best job I’ve ever had. They are very family-oriented and also fair and honest. Steve and Amy McIntosh and their families make this a fantastic working environment. If you’re a truck driver looking for a job, come here. I’ve worked for them for two and a half years, and I have no intention of leaving!”

—Scott Cox

“I’ve been at McIntosh Trucking for over two years now. They are a good company to work for. Dispatch tries to get you home when you ask. The Safety Department is the greatest. They answer your questions to the best of their knowledge, and if they don’t know the answers, they always find out for you. ”

—Roger Bailey

“This is a family owned company that respects it drivers and makes everyone feel at home. I’ve been in the trucking business since 1971, and have worked for and with many good people and companies, and I would recommend anyone interested in a trucking job to team up with these people. Honest and respectful in ever way. If I had to sum up Steve and Amy McIntosh in one word, it would be “straight-up”. A real pleasure to be with these people!”

—David Eastman

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