7 Spring Driving Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

We recently set our clocks forward. With Daylight Savings comes the sad fact, that there is a 6% increase in deadly crashes on the road. So we all need to be more alert drivers out there. With springtime comes increased traffic, unpredictable weather, and changing road conditions. As we spring forward into April and May, […]

5 Benefits of Installing a Truck Dash Cam

Did you know that easily 80% of semi-truck collisions happen because of negligent motorists, not truckers. Safety and insurance benefits are just two good reasons to have a truck dash cam installed. Let’s take a look at five benefits of installing a dash cam in your semi-truck or in the trucks of your fleet. Improved […]

5 Reasons Semi-Truck Preventative Maintenance Is Important

In the world of transportation and logistics, semi-truck preventative maintenance is very important. According to a 2023 report from the American Transportation Research Institute, repair and maintenance costs for semi-trucks leapt 12% last year. This figure reminds us that proactive care can play a key role in keeping semi-trucks on the road and businesses running […]

5 Ways to Prevent Back Pain for Truck Drivers

According to the Journal of Occupational Health, research has shown that 81% of truck drivers experience work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Often these issues are back issues. Long hours spent behind the wheel, coupled with the physical demands of the job, make truck drivers particularly susceptible to back pain. However, the good news is that there […]

4 Tips for Sleeping in Your Truck and Getting Good Sleep

According to a Harvard professor and researcher Stefanos Kales, nearly 20% of semi-truck crashes are the result of sleepy drivers at the wheel. This emphasizes the importance of getting good quality sleep on the road. If you’re a trucker, you often face the challenge of finding a comfortable and restful sleeping environment within the confines […]

5 Signs of Transmission Problems with Your Semi-Truck

Transmission problems in a semi-truck can be costly and time-consuming, often leading to extensive repairs and significant downtime. According to the Truckers Report, while a trucker may spend $600 a year on coffee, the real kicker is overall maintenance, which can reach $15,000 per year.  One issue you don’t want to have on the road […]

Mistakes New Truck Drivers Can & Should Avoid

Driver fatigue is one of the most common errors that both new and seasoned truckers often make. Several studies show that easily 13 % of accidents occur because of  fatigue. If you’re a rookie truck driver, here are some mistakes you can avoid, and by doing so, have a safe and successful journey to your […]

5 Essential Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

Large trucks were involved in 5,700 fatal crashes in 2021, 18% more than in 2020. Over the past ten years, the number of truck drivers involved in fatal crashes has increased by 49%. An additional 117,300 trucks were in collisions resulting in injury. These are not statistics to be proud of; they are horrifying. The statistics don’t […]